Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy Awal Muharram, Muslims!

Bismillah. In the name of Allah SWT, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Assalammualaikum wbt, Muslims and friends.

Hope every one of us had recite the do'a of Awal Tahun and will recite do'a Akhir Tahun, after today's Maghrib, InsyaAllah. Like always, the celebration of Awal Muharram is not as merry as Hari Raya Aidilfitri but insyaAllah fasting for the first 10 days will be so helpful. Me myself just recited the do'a Akhir Tahun and by understood the meaning deeply, it made me cry. Thanks Mimi for the do'as.

" O, Allah, please guide us with all your love through out this becoming 1430H. Don't let us forget about the Doomsday. Let us love You more than anybody, anything in this world. Don't let us drown in this short life of world. Be with us as You always do. Hold us tight. Remain our heart, body and soul in Islam, forever, please.. O, Allah, only you who we depend on, only You who hear us now and then, only You who can make things possible."

Ameen, ameen, ameen.

InsyaAllah, with this becoming Islam New Year make us move a step forward. Let us do a hijrah. A small or big one, Allah will care. Because life is not where we are now. Our daily routine is all about making a choice. That will lead us to somewhere immortal. Heaven or? Hell.

P/s: Oh, miss those days back then in KMS. The Awal Muharram celebration was awesome and fascinated. Miss you, naqibahs and college Muslimah!!


FiTRee said...

happy new year!

amin... =)

:: abdussolehin :: said...

pe program maal hijrah kt kms eh?x igt plak.

Ezati said...

huhu moga hari ini lebih baik dari semalam~ hijrah!!!

S.U.Z.E.R.A.I.N said...

:: ayyaamil mustaqbal khairun minal maadhi=D amiin... better person than before..