Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hand of Hope.

When I was waiting for the Detective Conan Manga to be downloaded, I had read a story that is totally amazing that makes me fell that I have to show to you, to share with you.

Could you see it? At first, I wasn't understand what the author of the article wanted to tell the readers. I was like, " Ohh, this article is really wasting my time!".

But, but only after I read some sentences about the picture of the year, of the decade stuffs, I noticed that there is a small hand of a 21-weeks-old baby grasped the doctor's finger! It was amazing! Was it? The doctor operated his mother when he was in her womb. Would you like to know more? Click here. Now, this cute baby is maybe around 9 years old. I know I am late to know about this wow story but, I am still amazed. With my heart says proudly, loudly, deeply.. Subhanallah!


anis shafikah said...

subhanaallah..a little bit ngeri.krisis takut darah :p

Anonymous said...

assalamualaikum, ;)

i know the source of this pic.

haha. nk capub kat sini! :P

Anonymous said...

Masya4JJ1.. was i like that?.. my mom must be suffering a lot.. it reminds me tht i must tke good cre of her.. Shukran

~atieqah~ said...

subhanallah..biler lah aku yg nak handle kes camtu ek..ngee..

Anonymous said...

Again Subhanaallah, that was really amazingg :]