Sunday, August 31, 2008

mirwana is really OK!

artis: mirwana

date: 290808
vanue: dewan baru kms

first of all, mmg kteorg sdey jugak sebab xdapat tgk akhil hayy tp lepas menonton persembahan dr mirwana yg sgt2 friendly, so, xdela rugi sgt datang kms sempana mkki hari tu.

mmg xdisangka2 mkki tahun ni walaupon xramai org yang datang tp disebabkan artis yg best n xsombong, menyebabkan semua org enjoy and suasana pon agak happening.

nampaknya mirwana dah boleh menandingi avril lavigne sbb pada masa yang sama, ada gak org yang datang ke konsert mereka!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

graduasi yg berapi-api kerana kemerahan kami;)

the graduation day was wonderful.
it wasnjust like the end of all the KMS dayss
tht ive been through for 2 years back
the sweetnees as the sourness tought me
on how
to be a good muslimah
to face the real world ahead..

sorry for my behaviour on the graduation day..
im forgot to search for you guys
say thanks
give hug and kisses
since i knw and realised
tht i wouldnt succeed without you all..
tht did a very2 hard work
more than us, thought.

kms batch 7 especially geng surau=)
wow weee..
take a deep breath!
this success is really ALOT
our afford is just a little
as tiny as an atom..
without nikmat from Allah,
we wouldnt be as we were on this meaningful day!
sleep at the surau
with frogs Alina chased out
with Shue that f***ed silently
with Nados who was veeeerry liat to wake up
with the puteri anti-nyamuk Mirah Zayanah, jolie-wanna-be
with Tumi who i punched her face
with the hardworking Asmak, our leader
with the most kalut one Mimi A-lvl
and do not forget
with the kaum Adam yg mengancam who were sleep aside
with the gelagats of us
made me feel that this was the first group of friend
i have because the strong bond of aqidah
ukhwah fillah abadan abada

May we meet again..
if not in this transit world
we'll meet again in the glory of syurga
the truth victory of muslims

Alina and Shue the adek- bradek without Tumi

with our akak usrah, KAK SU, thx ALOT for the ilmu!

the crazy-mezy girls! you're beautiful, SubhanAllah=)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

proud to be a malaysian

it was a rainy day but didn't stop me to go to Majid Jamek and bought the brand new book - Hijab Sang Pencinta by Ramlee Awang Murshid. the book we had been waiting for.

ok. what i wanna tell tou guys here is not about the book yet but its about my way back home. in LRT, i was unpatiently opened up the wrapper of the book and suddenly an aunt stood up and called an uncle that was holding his cute kid to sit down. at first, the uncle refused to sit but the aunt said

"kesian. pegang anak tu. meh la duduk."

touched by the words, the uncle sit reluctantly.

about 2 minutes later, a young man stood up and give his seat to the aunt.

can u see the beauty soul of our citizens? whether there was small fight occured at Permatang Pauh, far from it, still lies good ppl which can tolerates and have sympathy in their heart.

another moral of value is: becoming a blogger is becoming an observer;)

Monday, August 25, 2008

earthquake at nz? oh no..

2nd bad news for today:

but insyaAllah, this won't stop me to go there. waaa.. hati meraung-raung mahu ke sana.
moga diperkenankan-Nya.
and hopefully all of us renung-renungkan lah..
"sesungguhnya urusan-Nya apabila Dia menkehendaki sesuatu Dia hanya berkata kepadanya, "Jadilah! Maka jadilah sesuatu itu."

1st death of nenek

"Saat dunia berhenti berputar,
Saat manusia tak sanggup lagi berharap,
Ketika mentari tak sanggup lagi berjanji,
Menyinari dunia yang tlah kau singgahi"

the tones from my phone shouted. it was mama..

"hello,eyush, bagitau mak yang nenek dah tak ada.k"

it was a long hesitation before i could reply her.
and it was another loong hesitation when mak received the news.

---------------flash back---------------------

"eyush gi nz nnt jgn lupa nenek eh"
"insyaAllah nek, takkan lupa kot.."

it was day after we -eyush, adek, dibah and acap played bowling.

arwah held a kenduri doa selamat after her recovery from breaking bones problem. a day which we enjoy very much with her smiles and joyful from her face. and it was just a day after yesterday.


today is her turn. when my turn come, will i be ready enough?

aku KENA menulis

in the name of Allah, the most Gracious, most Merciful..

kebosanan yg melanda-landa, membuak-buak, menanar-nanar membuatkan aku mula register utk jadi blogger. and Alhamdulillah, pd hari ini, ianya menjadi kenyataan.

sebenarnya, dah lama dah ak terfikir utk menulis tp dalam pada masa yang sama, ak fikir.. apa tujuannya? apa faedahnya? finally, i've got the answer yang pernah diungkapkan oleh sepupu aku "orang ISLAM kena menulis". yeah. that's right. ini adalah salah satu jalan dakwah. apa perlu berlengah lagi? berdoa shj utk menjadi berani dan tabah utk menjalankan kerja dakwah tanpa berusaha adalah kerja yg ternyata sia-sia. langkah ini kuambil.

dan insyaAllah..moga Dia meredhai..ameen..