Saturday, August 30, 2008

graduasi yg berapi-api kerana kemerahan kami;)

the graduation day was wonderful.
it wasnjust like the end of all the KMS dayss
tht ive been through for 2 years back
the sweetnees as the sourness tought me
on how
to be a good muslimah
to face the real world ahead..

sorry for my behaviour on the graduation day..
im forgot to search for you guys
say thanks
give hug and kisses
since i knw and realised
tht i wouldnt succeed without you all..
tht did a very2 hard work
more than us, thought.

kms batch 7 especially geng surau=)
wow weee..
take a deep breath!
this success is really ALOT
our afford is just a little
as tiny as an atom..
without nikmat from Allah,
we wouldnt be as we were on this meaningful day!
sleep at the surau
with frogs Alina chased out
with Shue that f***ed silently
with Nados who was veeeerry liat to wake up
with the puteri anti-nyamuk Mirah Zayanah, jolie-wanna-be
with Tumi who i punched her face
with the hardworking Asmak, our leader
with the most kalut one Mimi A-lvl
and do not forget
with the kaum Adam yg mengancam who were sleep aside
with the gelagats of us
made me feel that this was the first group of friend
i have because the strong bond of aqidah
ukhwah fillah abadan abada

May we meet again..
if not in this transit world
we'll meet again in the glory of syurga
the truth victory of muslims

Alina and Shue the adek- bradek without Tumi

with our akak usrah, KAK SU, thx ALOT for the ilmu!

the crazy-mezy girls! you're beautiful, SubhanAllah=)


~atieqah~ said...

nie kau grad ke fai?

fairuzsallehuddin said...

yela..ak la;)

Anonymous said...

waa...i wasn't there! anyway, gudluck fairuz & thanks for putting my name there hihi..rase bangga lak walaupun..
jap2..who punched whom?