Wednesday, August 27, 2008

proud to be a malaysian

it was a rainy day but didn't stop me to go to Majid Jamek and bought the brand new book - Hijab Sang Pencinta by Ramlee Awang Murshid. the book we had been waiting for.

ok. what i wanna tell tou guys here is not about the book yet but its about my way back home. in LRT, i was unpatiently opened up the wrapper of the book and suddenly an aunt stood up and called an uncle that was holding his cute kid to sit down. at first, the uncle refused to sit but the aunt said

"kesian. pegang anak tu. meh la duduk."

touched by the words, the uncle sit reluctantly.

about 2 minutes later, a young man stood up and give his seat to the aunt.

can u see the beauty soul of our citizens? whether there was small fight occured at Permatang Pauh, far from it, still lies good ppl which can tolerates and have sympathy in their heart.

another moral of value is: becoming a blogger is becoming an observer;)


zakwan baik said...

time tu ko berdiri ke duduk fai?;)

Jo said...

menyentuh hatinya this post~
aku juga proud to be a malaysian =)

anis shafikah said...

hope that this good value will shower the heart of the young generation :)

umaq_eiman said...

kompom yang pelawa tuh sokong PR... lalala. Ada juga blogger yang digelar otak sengal...