Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy Awal Muharram, Muslims!

Bismillah. In the name of Allah SWT, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Assalammualaikum wbt, Muslims and friends.

Hope every one of us had recite the do'a of Awal Tahun and will recite do'a Akhir Tahun, after today's Maghrib, InsyaAllah. Like always, the celebration of Awal Muharram is not as merry as Hari Raya Aidilfitri but insyaAllah fasting for the first 10 days will be so helpful. Me myself just recited the do'a Akhir Tahun and by understood the meaning deeply, it made me cry. Thanks Mimi for the do'as.

" O, Allah, please guide us with all your love through out this becoming 1430H. Don't let us forget about the Doomsday. Let us love You more than anybody, anything in this world. Don't let us drown in this short life of world. Be with us as You always do. Hold us tight. Remain our heart, body and soul in Islam, forever, please.. O, Allah, only you who we depend on, only You who hear us now and then, only You who can make things possible."

Ameen, ameen, ameen.

InsyaAllah, with this becoming Islam New Year make us move a step forward. Let us do a hijrah. A small or big one, Allah will care. Because life is not where we are now. Our daily routine is all about making a choice. That will lead us to somewhere immortal. Heaven or? Hell.

P/s: Oh, miss those days back then in KMS. The Awal Muharram celebration was awesome and fascinated. Miss you, naqibahs and college Muslimah!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Claiming Letter for my Visa.

Currently, I don't have anything to do and have plenty of free time. Just received 18 episodes of Gossip Girl Season 1 from Kak Ti, but don't have any mood to watch and finished them up quickly.

So, what should I do? Sitting in front of laptop day after day counting the special date to be arrived or should I do something else? Something for my departure to the Kiwi Country. Thinking. Thinking. The contract isn't deliver to me yet, the budget for my shopping list is not approved yet, dreamy laptop is to be bought in January so, I don't think I couldn't arrange anything. Err. Pop-up: Visa claiming letter!! Yes!

Special thanks to my IB friends. Mimi and 'Iffah for always guiding me. You guys helped me a lot. And, I realized that we need each other since the day we met. This is really what I feel, Ukhwah Fillah, Alhamdulillah:)

By the way, I just received an email from Selset. Guess what?? My Financial Statement is ready! Love you, Mara!

Hence, I am excitedly to inform, my visa application is now at Singapore to be proceeded for the next stage. Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah! Hope everything will be alright. Keep praying that INZ Singapore won't be too strict and approve our visa easily, insyaAllah:)

Last but not least, if you guys are damn boring now , sitting and don't have any idea what you want to do, let us work out together on the claiming letter. It's a good idea, right? Want an example, do contact me.

Credit to Mimi for her letter:)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Luggage is ready.

Last Saturday, Naima, Asmak and I went to Shue's brother's wedding. The buffet was simple yet delicious. The ceremony was splendid with the green color splashed everywhere. Shu herself was so happy since after her brother's, it will be her's. Oh, can't wait for that moment, Shue;)

Okay. Move on.

After we were having some desserts, performed solah at Shue's room, had a talk with Shue's parents and sister, we went to Jucso Wangsa Maju. It took us longer to arrive since KL was stick with heavy rain and small flood. But, the determination to survey (haha, only to survey okay) was much heavier than the rain, we still get into the mall.

There was only three things that we surveyed.
  1. Luggage.
  2. Blazer.
  3. Sweater / Winter coat.
Either than what I listed, I really don't have any idea what else to be bought. So, for me, the list is like, enough? Haha. The sale is like a mad cow. People was like in a sardine can but still I can moved (I have a small body, how lucky I was:) And, guys, guess what I got for myself?


For my friends' request, I put the picture of my 29-inches height luggage. I know it is huge. But I can't helped myself when I saw the discount is 70% that was from 299rm to 89.70rm!! This luggage is very simple, don't have much pockets and light. Can carry up to 30kg. I noticed that our limitation for the main luggage is 20kg right, BUT, I am afraid the things I'll bring are big yet small in weight. Such as, sweater coat? So, InsyaAllah, my choice is suitable after all.

Alhamdulillah, I have bought one of my three important things. What about you?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hand of Hope.

When I was waiting for the Detective Conan Manga to be downloaded, I had read a story that is totally amazing that makes me fell that I have to show to you, to share with you.

Could you see it? At first, I wasn't understand what the author of the article wanted to tell the readers. I was like, " Ohh, this article is really wasting my time!".

But, but only after I read some sentences about the picture of the year, of the decade stuffs, I noticed that there is a small hand of a 21-weeks-old baby grasped the doctor's finger! It was amazing! Was it? The doctor operated his mother when he was in her womb. Would you like to know more? Click here. Now, this cute baby is maybe around 9 years old. I know I am late to know about this wow story but, I am still amazed. With my heart says proudly, loudly, deeply.. Subhanallah!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Conan on the go!

I have a plenty of free time. What should I do in order to spend my whole time in this naturally beautiful country? My sisters said that I have to spend the time with my big family so that I won't miss them so much when I get there. But, I think the time is so long. Can you please imagine: I have finished my A-Level exams that was killed us at June, got the not-so-bad results at August and sadistically, just left the one month time to register for the 2nd intake for the 2008 students in NZ that was in July. Then, I am already in December!! There is nearly 2 months to go! What should I do? Packing?? How could I? Due to the visa things that are still hanging, unsettled. With some jealousy, enviousness since my buddies who are going to Aussie has their Visa settled already and announced it in the "what are you doing" section in Facebook. Argh, tense on the air!

And I am here, thinking, calculating what I should do this another 2 months? My sister said that it is too early for me to go packing, shopping. Dude, I have no mood at all to go shopping for stuffs. I think what I have now are enough. Just has to buy some pastes, powder to cook, not to forget coffee powder originally made from Kedah. Since Ain and I has some huge plans that need us to save our scholarship money. So, we need to cook often. Plus, the thought-not-going-home-for-another-4 years; which my sister said, " Stop daydreaming lah Eyush!". Haha. I will, insyaAllah.. Ameen.. Ameen!

So, what I am doing here in front of this useful laptop? I am downloading Detective Conan manga from here ! I just can't believe that I am sitting all day long turning the pages one-by-one since the last two days. Like Mus said: " Fai kalau bukak manga, Conan je dia tau baca.". She was and still is true, after all. She understands me well, sometimes. Thanks dear Mus, you brought something I will never forget: the truly manga website:)

Conan is such a very childish comic, from the first thought. But, if you flip it through, you'll find that this is a simple comic that Gosho Aoyama draws and creates with thousands of effort. From Shinichi Kudo become a small, cute little brat: Conan Edogawa. Shinichi, a high school detective, who has been poisoned by the Black Team, suddenly become small in size of 5 years old cute kid once he woke up. If I am not mistaken, from the 1st file until now the 674 file, Mr. Aoyama is succeed in making the cases full of adventurous, complicated to find the culprit of the crimes parts.

As for me, Conan has 1001 benefits and totally opposite with Shin Chan: the character is yeah, funny but has no beneficial at all. The Shin Chan character does bring negative example to the kids to become neither a great student nor a good son. It is okay if we, the adult or maybe educated persons read it but for the children, I hope please avoid them reading this good-for-nothing comic. It'll bring harm to their inner self. Do believe me.

Furthermore, the government of India reportedly banned the Shin Chan. Want more? Click here. Look! Even India, the country that er.. you know, banned the Shin Chan, do you think we should also banned this manga, anime to be imported into this beloved Malaysia? Or, is it parents responsibility to control and avoid their kids from buy, have and read the Shin Chan comics?

Er.. I don't know why am I babbling about the manga, anime characters here but from my view, sometimes we ought talk, think and do something about the small thing so that when it become a big issue that effect our kids, we won't be the one who is full of regret. Is it?

P/S: About the PC Fair this becoming Friday till Sunday, will you go and make it like a little Fun Fair for Naima and me? Let's join us and check the updated gadgets out! The cheaper laptops are waiting for you to grab them, with 'some' money exchange, of course;)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Hujan: nikmat & azab.

Post ini bukanlah berkenaan dengan band indi pujaan ramai itu. Ini adalah tentang hujan, salah satu ciptaan Yang Maha Agung:

"Tidakkah engkau melihat bahawa Allah menjadikan gumpalan awan bergerak perlahan, kemudian mengumpulkannya, lalu Dia menjadikannya bertompok-tompok, lalu engkau melihat hujan keluar dari celah-celahnya, dan Dia (juga) menurunkan (butiran-butiran) ais dari langit (yaitu) dari gumpalan awan-awan seperti) gunung-ganang, maka ditimpakan (butiran-butiran ais itu) kepada siapa yang Dia kehendaki dan dihindarkan-Nya dari siapa yang Dia kehendaki. Kilauan kilatnya hampir-hampir menghilangkan penglihatan." An-Nur, 24: 43.

Subhananallah! Maha Suci Allah yang menurunkan hujan kepada kita.

Tapi kenapa bila hujan je aku akan dengar:

" Ala.. Hujan lagi. Baju tak kering."

" Haih. Masa-masa ni lah nak hujan, time aku nak keluar takde pulak nak hujan."


" Tak best lah hujan malam ni, tak dapat tengok bola."

lagi, lagi dan lagi.

Apabila kita bercakap ayat-ayat yang sebegitu, kita sebenarnya tergolong di kalangan orang-orang yang kufur nikmat. Cuba kita bayangkan betapa gembiranya wajah si petani apabila tanamannya dihujani air dari langit. Betapa bersyukurnya bumi apabila diturunkan kepadanya air untuk menyuburkan tanah yang kontang. Betapa seronoknya dedaunan dimandikan hujan. Dan betapa bersungguhnya orang-orang Mukmin mengangkat tangan berdoa kepada Dia, bersyukur Allah S.W.T memberi peluang membuka pintu-pintu langit agar doanya didengari.

Tapi, sedar tak sedar, hujan juga adalah antara azab yang Allah turunkan kepada kaum Nabi Nuh A.S contohnya:

" Maka mereka mendustakannya (Nuh). Lalu Kami selamatkan dia dan pengikut-pengikutnya di dalam kapal. Kami tenggelamkan orang-orang yang mendustakan ayat-ayat Kami. Sesungguhnya mereka adalah orang-orang yang buta (mati hatinya)." Al-araf, 7: 64.

Dan baru-baru ini di Kelantan,Terengganu dan beberapa kawasan kecil berlaku banjir. Hampir setiap tahun keadaan yang sama berlaku. Ini akan menjadikan kita lebih peka dan berhati-hati. Tambah-tambah lagi pihak kerajaan pusat dan negeri perlu membaiki sistem saliran dengan lebih baik lagi kerana hal musim tengkujuh ini memang tak dapat di elakkan disebabkan kedudukan geografi Malaysia.

Sama ada hujan satu ujian atau azab, sama-sama kita masukkan diri kita dalam golongan orang-orang berakal di mana apabila Allah menjadikan sesuatu, kita akan berfikir tentang keagungan-Nya. Dan, jadilah yang sentiasa bersabar dan sentiasa bersyukur:)