Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Conan on the go!

I have a plenty of free time. What should I do in order to spend my whole time in this naturally beautiful country? My sisters said that I have to spend the time with my big family so that I won't miss them so much when I get there. But, I think the time is so long. Can you please imagine: I have finished my A-Level exams that was killed us at June, got the not-so-bad results at August and sadistically, just left the one month time to register for the 2nd intake for the 2008 students in NZ that was in July. Then, I am already in December!! There is nearly 2 months to go! What should I do? Packing?? How could I? Due to the visa things that are still hanging, unsettled. With some jealousy, enviousness since my buddies who are going to Aussie has their Visa settled already and announced it in the "what are you doing" section in Facebook. Argh, tense on the air!

And I am here, thinking, calculating what I should do this another 2 months? My sister said that it is too early for me to go packing, shopping. Dude, I have no mood at all to go shopping for stuffs. I think what I have now are enough. Just has to buy some pastes, powder to cook, not to forget coffee powder originally made from Kedah. Since Ain and I has some huge plans that need us to save our scholarship money. So, we need to cook often. Plus, the thought-not-going-home-for-another-4 years; which my sister said, " Stop daydreaming lah Eyush!". Haha. I will, insyaAllah.. Ameen.. Ameen!

So, what I am doing here in front of this useful laptop? I am downloading Detective Conan manga from here ! I just can't believe that I am sitting all day long turning the pages one-by-one since the last two days. Like Mus said: " Fai kalau bukak manga, Conan je dia tau baca.". She was and still is true, after all. She understands me well, sometimes. Thanks dear Mus, you brought something I will never forget: the truly manga website:)

Conan is such a very childish comic, from the first thought. But, if you flip it through, you'll find that this is a simple comic that Gosho Aoyama draws and creates with thousands of effort. From Shinichi Kudo become a small, cute little brat: Conan Edogawa. Shinichi, a high school detective, who has been poisoned by the Black Team, suddenly become small in size of 5 years old cute kid once he woke up. If I am not mistaken, from the 1st file until now the 674 file, Mr. Aoyama is succeed in making the cases full of adventurous, complicated to find the culprit of the crimes parts.

As for me, Conan has 1001 benefits and totally opposite with Shin Chan: the character is yeah, funny but has no beneficial at all. The Shin Chan character does bring negative example to the kids to become neither a great student nor a good son. It is okay if we, the adult or maybe educated persons read it but for the children, I hope please avoid them reading this good-for-nothing comic. It'll bring harm to their inner self. Do believe me.

Furthermore, the government of India reportedly banned the Shin Chan. Want more? Click here. Look! Even India, the country that er.. you know, banned the Shin Chan, do you think we should also banned this manga, anime to be imported into this beloved Malaysia? Or, is it parents responsibility to control and avoid their kids from buy, have and read the Shin Chan comics?

Er.. I don't know why am I babbling about the manga, anime characters here but from my view, sometimes we ought talk, think and do something about the small thing so that when it become a big issue that effect our kids, we won't be the one who is full of regret. Is it?

P/S: About the PC Fair this becoming Friday till Sunday, will you go and make it like a little Fun Fair for Naima and me? Let's join us and check the updated gadgets out! The cheaper laptops are waiting for you to grab them, with 'some' money exchange, of course;)


amirah zayanah said...

jom la jmpe di pc fair.
insyaAllah kite pegi hari jumaat :D

zakwan baik said...

xda crdt..reply cni blh kn??
hg nk fly nti, bg ak pinjam conan hg.eh?

dalilahusni said...

wah,betol3..walaupon shin chan seronok dibaca,tp input die entah apa2..rosak budak2 kalau baca.

fai,jgn la risau pasal visa tu. Insyaallah settle punya. maybe amek masa sikit.

doa semua yg terbaik!! amin

Anonymous said...

salam fairus! banyak masa terluang ni better habis baca buku banyak2.. nanti dah tibe NZ tak sempat nak baca..

ziarah sahabat2, ziarah tok guru2..

nanti dah takde peluang dah kat nz tuh...

dah contact akhawat kat sana?

saya fikirkan elok juga awak menulis secara serius supaya dapat buat novel terus...hehhee...

Masa itu akan bermakna bila dia dah tiada... huhuhh...

sala perjuangan sis!

fairuzsallehuddin said...

@ amirah zayanah: jom..jom!! kita g Friday gak. meet u there, insyaAllah.

@ z: boleh reply kat sni, tp tak boleh lah pinjam;P

@ lost: erm. insyaAllah. awk doa2kanlah kteorg moga dimudahkan urusan. ameen:)

@ kak muharikh: akk tau x, dah habis org sy ziarah. betul, tak tipu! Alhamdulillah, dah contact:) nak buat novel?? erk! akk lagi layak. akk pandai susun bahasa, akk kreatif. sy? main taram je kot.

salam perjuangan semua:)

cik noha said...

awak xnk blk msia sepnjg 4 years kt nz?wahh..sangat mantap lh..dr pengalaman sy, plg lama org bley bertahan pn 2 years je kot tnpa blk..itu pn in the middle asyk homesick..about the visa, xyh lh risau..this year, i mean for batch 2008,ramai je yg sangkut visa until one week before tarikh fly tu..now br dec, so should be no prob, visa sy pn setel ms january..what should u do now??belajar masak..seriusly sy ckp kemahiran memasak tu sgt2 perlu..jgn jd mcm sy, smpi nz br nk blaja msk..tak psl2 asyk ulang makanan yg sm je.

fairuzsallehuddin said...

hahha.. itu hanya dalam perancangan. xtau lah nnt2 cmne;P
tulah, tgh blaja masak gak ni tp bosan gak hari2 blaja masak. hehe.
thx for the advices cik noha!!

asmaasolehah said...

huhu..kak fairuz..seronoknye, cuti lame... x kan duk bace conan je kut..

adinz said...

i like this blog!