Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Belum masanya

Sekarang belum masanya bercakap tentang itu. Kerana hal itu hanyalah apa yang di angan-angan kan. Kerana masih banyak benda yang perlu dirangcang dan difikirkan.

Sekarang bukan lah masanya bercakap tentang itu, takut nanti terabai pula cita-cita dan impian mahu berbakti kepada ibu dan ayah serta adik-adik dahulu.

Mungkin selepas belajar pun belum masanya bercakap tentang hal itu, kerana asyik dalam pelukan & keagungan cinta yang Agung. Mabukkan pahala dari Nya, mahukan redha dan berkatNya sebelum berjumpa kekasih-kekasih di jannahNya.

Sekarang adalah masanya untuk aku berusaha bersungguh-sungguh untuk mencapai target Muslimah sejati. Soleh wa musleh. Kerana mana mungkin si dia yang soleh mahu perempuan selebet seperti ini untuk membina rumah tangga idaman hati.

Oleh itu, jangan persoalkan lagi hal yang sama. Kerana sekarang bukanlah masanya untuk bercakap tentang hal itu.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Aim, focus & shoot!


Hey you, hey dear first class deg with HONS, please let me go for you, let me reach you. Let me HAVE you. Since;

you are my:

ticket to grab a great job
ticket to get a high income
ticket to infaq to my family & relatives
ticket to infaq to orphans & those in need

Please, I won't be a fool again. 2nd year results were indeed gave me a strict & obvious lesson.

Accounting & other hard papers in future, let us all work very well together. For Allah's bless we strive. For bright future we wanna live in.

Indeed this is truly for You, my dear Allah. ILYSM.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

I ll go mad cow in Palmy if..


Anak-anak itu sungguh penyejuk hati, biarpun bukan anak sendiri, tapi sungguh sejuk hati ini melihat mereka bertatih, berlari even bertumbuk-tumbukkan.

Here are some of anak-anak postgrads yang selalu buat hati meruntun merindui mereka. Keletah masing-masing takkan dapat tertulis, ianya tersemat dalam hati melalui pengalaman yang amat-amat, sangat-sangat berharga.

Degree is one sure thing, another thing that should be grabbed here is SILATURRAHIM.

definitely go mad cow in Palmy if they aren't here!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Berubah. Mahu?


Tetapi barang siapa yang bersabar & memaafkan, sungguh yang demikian itu termasuk perbuatan yg mulia [42:43]

Saya mahu berlapang dada, punyai himmah yang tinggi dan tidak akan pernah futur. Saya sayang Rasulullah jadi saya mahu jadi seperti baginda. Cool je walau apapun yang terjadi.

Jadi, sahabat-sahabat, supportlah, remindlah each other. Kerana :

Sesungguhnya orang-orang beriman itu bersaudara, kerana itu damaikanlah antara kedua saudaramu (yang berselisih) dan bertaqwalah kepada Allah agar kamu mendapat rahmat [49:10]


Dan, tetaplah memberi peringatan, kerana sesungguhnya peringatan itu bermanfaat bagi orang-orang mukmin [51:55]

Saya mahu jadi tabah seperti Muhajirin dan berlapang dada dan ithar seperti Ansar. Saya mahu jadi kuat seperti Ahlul Badr. Kerana saya mahu sangat masuk Firdaus yang harganya bukan la rendah. Yang harganya bukanlah boleh dibayar dengan apa-apa pun yang ada di bumi dan seisinya. Saya mahu berubah, mahu banyak beramal.

Yang menciptakan mati dan hidup, untuk menguji kamu, siapa di antara kamu yang terbaik amalannya (ikhlas dan tepat). Dan Dia Maha Perkasa, Maha Pengampun [67:02]

Kalau begitulah, apa kata jikalau kita berlumba? ;)

Dan setiap umat mempunyai kiblat yang dia menghadap kepadanya. Maka berlumba-lumbalah kamu dalam kebaikkan. Di mana saja kamu berada, pasti Allah akan mengumpulkan kamu semuanya. Sungguh, Allah Mahakuasa atas segala sesuatu [02:148]

Kenapa nak rushing pulak kalau nak berubah? Kita kan muda lagi, enjoy la dulu. Tapi, Allah kata:

Dan setiap umat mempunyai ajal (batas waktu). Apabila ajalnya tiba, mereka tidak dapat meminta penundaan atau percepatan sesaat pun [07:34]

.. "Bilakah (Kiamat) akan terjadi?" Katakanlah, "Barangkali waktunya sudah dekat" [17:51]

Berubah sorang-sorang jelah. Kenapa perlu kecoh-kecoh?

Sekali lagi;

Dan, tetaplah memberi peringatan, kerana sesungguhnya peringatan itu bermanfaat bagi orang-orang mukmin [51:55]

Demi Masa. Sungguh manusia kerugian, kecuali orang-orang yang beriman dan mengerjakan kebajikkan seta saling menasihati untuk kebenaran dan saling menasihati untuk kesabaran [103:1-3]

Dan kerana saya sayang kalian! :)

Diriwayatkan daripada Anas r.a: “ Nabi Muhammad SAW pernah bersabda: ” Tidak ada seorang pun di antara kalian dipandang beriman sebelum ia menyayangi saudaranya sesama Muslim seperti halnya ia menyayangi dirinya sendiri.

Ayuh! Shift your paradigm!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sadaqah & us.

It was a sunny fine day when I was in MMA (Manawatu Muslim Association)'s stall helped them selling Arabic Coffee comes with 3 seeds of dates for $1. An Esplanade Day which as usual, had heaps of stalls selling things and also companies making kind of fun-fairs specially for kids. Many parents brought their children to play over and they themselves wanna have a look at the stalls and be relax after a long weekdays while at the same time, tighten the parents-children bond.

Me and Fatimah, an Egypt girl were advertising about Arabic Coffee which is great to have it with dates. Even though I do not like the taste because it contains spices and herbs which is very unacceptable for me. Special thing about it is it's lack of sugar, ones should bite date first before take a sip. Many English people came over our small, round table and we received lots of comments about the coffee. Most of them love it and one of them even asked Fatimah where to buy it. And two funny Kiwi mothers asked where to get the silver water pot that we'd on the table!

Fuhhh.. It was very tiring yet another happy and fun experience I'd gain.

Here the real story I really wanna tell you, there was a non-Muslim woman who gave me $2 and then, I wanna give her change back, which what I supposed to do. But then, she said, " That's okay. You can save it for your donation.". Masya-Allah! Can you see what I wanna tell you here?

If you can't, please let me explain.

Question: Although we are Muslims, do we have that kind of akhlaq (something you do without thinking/ spontaneous acts)?

There as many verses from Holy Quran that say about sadaqah. Too many. It's like Allah S.W.T speaks directly to us to be generous and giving properties He lends us to either needy or not.

One verse that's give a strong hit at my face is :

The likeness of those who spend their wealth in the Way of Allah, is as the likeness of a grain (of corn); it grows seven ears, and each ear has a hundred grains. Allah gives manifold increase to whom He pleases. And Allah is All-Sufficient for His creatures' needs, All-Knower. (Al-Baqarah ;2:261)



The more we donate, the wealthier we'll become! It's like a plot which Allah sets for us. Quoting from Sis Zabrina's Life is An Open Secret 2nd book:

Work --> Gain --> Donate --> Wealth --> Work --> Gain --> Donate --> Wealth --> Work .. ..

Sorry if it's wrong or something..

Things I want to stress here is; don't be stingy. Give people everything you have like what Ansars did to Muhajirins. Because whatever we have right here, right now are not ours. Its just something Allah lends to us so that we can give to others. Its like we are the medium to give anyone that need our helps and test us whether we are willing or not, without them asking us to give our money from our salary or properties to our own family like what is says in verse below:

And give to the kindred his due and to the Miskin (poor) and to the wayfarer. But spend not wastefully (your wealth) in the manner of a spendthrift. (Al-Isra'; 17:26)

So, guys, let be generous. Stop wasting on stuffs that are unnecessary. And, please, please, please stop being stingy. Plus, people will respect us even more. After all, there is nothing, absolutely nothing we have to lost for right?

And because (read the bold words) ..

Hakim ibn Hizam narrated that the Prophet (s.a.w.s.) said: “The upper hand is better than the lower hand, (i.e., he who gives charity is better than him who takes it). One should start giving first to his dependents. And the best object of charity is that which is given by a wealthy person (from the money which is left after his expenses.) And whoever abstains from asking others for some financial help, Allah will give him and save him from asking others, Allah will make him self-sufficient.” (Bukhari, Vol. 2, Hadith 508)

Take this as a challenge, if non-Muslims can do it so do us :)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Little one for small room :)

I'm living off-campus. Twenty Two Palm Ave, that's the name of this house. Situated in the middle of Massey Uni and town. Very reachable, very near to Moshims (Halal grocery shop) and Pak n Save. And the most, most important is the rent is veryyy cheap. 110$ p/w included internet and electricity bills! Woweeee! I've got a small room, however, I managed to love living in here. Well, since I'm really enjoying my tiny little room of this house; let me show you guys some pics about it :)

The best part in my room, Shin Chan, Conan are in that rack :D

Part where I put my eyes before sleep and all day.

Yeay! I've got a sink in it. Make me easier to take wudhu'!

2nd Best part, always sit here when I don't know what to do. New monitor, cordless keyboard and mouse.

The scenery from my room's view. Nice, ey?

I hope, I can get closer to my housemates. Some of them are working and I'm the youngest among them all. Really hope we can understand and be tolerate to each other. And like the supervisor says: treat everyone like your family. Yes! I'm trying to be friendly and improve my English at the same time! :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New life has come :)

Fuhh. It has been a long week since I came back from Malaysia.

From Malaysia to Auckland wasn't very nice. Ain and Hafezz were complaining about the foods in the flight. They think the foods when we went back to Malaysia were much better. Hmm.. I have a long story to be told about the journey back to Palmy but really, here's not the place. Maybe I'm not in a mood to post a long entry.

Here in a new house with 6 other new housemates and friends. Taiwanese, Chinese (from China), Malawian, Korean and Hafza, Pakistanian and also my previous housemate, which make me feel much more better. I was a bit bored before since they were very new to me and I didn't have anyone to talk to. Many challenges living here since they have different religion, customs and culture but insyaALlah like what my dad said to me last night, I have to be confident that Allah will always help me and be with me. And, to mix around is one of the reasons why Mara spends a lot sending me here, right? So, I took the challenge and pray that Allah guides me to be on a right path.

Since my rent is much cheaper, I hope I can continuously save money then I can travel to Melbourne and Fiji. Ameen :)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Busy, busy, and get busy!

It's 1.46 a.m already and I can't believe that I am sitting in front of my laptop typing this. Just came back from usrah program that was really fun! I usually sleep around 8 p.m due to the practical work that is surely very tiring.

Time running too fast till I left behind and couldn't catch it up. Lots of thing happened during my summer holidays. Half of it I spend for my work - wake up early, catch 2 trains and one bus ( if mom can't fetch me) and it costs me 6.40RM per day. Can you imagine how much it is! In my place in NZ, we just have to touch our student card and can get into buses for free! Haish.. So, I have to make a baby face, asked touch 'n go top up from dad. Fortunately, I got a food swipe card contained 100RM per month which I don't have to pay for my breakfast and lunch except on Friday.

Here comes a story of a very 'hardworking' and 'mature' worker.. In office, after finished my data entry work (or.. if I feel very sleepy), I'll sleep under the table covering my little body with kain batik, lucky me my table is at the corner so (I think) my boss can't see what I am doing. Wahaha.

Start working in office for the first time is really a challenge for me but I know one day I have to face all these again and again. So, it's good for me to practice it from now, ey? Like what people always say : Practice makes perfect. (And somehow, the naughty youngster will reply: Nobody's perfect, then why we have to practice? Question mark! ;)

To relieve my tense and stress, I have planned my weekends with wonderful activities (and cheap! Correct your niat Fairuz! Okay.. okay.. :)

23-24: Jalinan Ukhwah Musim Panas.

30-31: FlyHigh OZ/NZ.

Hopefully, I can update stories with my beloved sahabat in these programs, insyaAllah!

Sad to say, I'm still searching for some dates to sleep at Umi's, meet my friends in UITM Shah Alam and visit my teachers in SAB. Looked like I don't have a suitable ones before I'm going back on 10th Feb!

But, but, but (Na'udhubillah.. May Allah make this easier for me) if I can't meet you guys, InsyaAllah, quoting someone : Jauh di mata, dekat di hati kan? :)

By the way, while waiting for the trains and standing in it before I reach my destination, I try to be a bookworm like I used to be. Proud to say (haha), I'm currently reading: Life is an open secret you, me and we by Sis Zabrina. Really enjoy it. Must read ey! 24.50RM only :D