Saturday, January 16, 2010

Busy, busy, and get busy!

It's 1.46 a.m already and I can't believe that I am sitting in front of my laptop typing this. Just came back from usrah program that was really fun! I usually sleep around 8 p.m due to the practical work that is surely very tiring.

Time running too fast till I left behind and couldn't catch it up. Lots of thing happened during my summer holidays. Half of it I spend for my work - wake up early, catch 2 trains and one bus ( if mom can't fetch me) and it costs me 6.40RM per day. Can you imagine how much it is! In my place in NZ, we just have to touch our student card and can get into buses for free! Haish.. So, I have to make a baby face, asked touch 'n go top up from dad. Fortunately, I got a food swipe card contained 100RM per month which I don't have to pay for my breakfast and lunch except on Friday.

Here comes a story of a very 'hardworking' and 'mature' worker.. In office, after finished my data entry work (or.. if I feel very sleepy), I'll sleep under the table covering my little body with kain batik, lucky me my table is at the corner so (I think) my boss can't see what I am doing. Wahaha.

Start working in office for the first time is really a challenge for me but I know one day I have to face all these again and again. So, it's good for me to practice it from now, ey? Like what people always say : Practice makes perfect. (And somehow, the naughty youngster will reply: Nobody's perfect, then why we have to practice? Question mark! ;)

To relieve my tense and stress, I have planned my weekends with wonderful activities (and cheap! Correct your niat Fairuz! Okay.. okay.. :)

23-24: Jalinan Ukhwah Musim Panas.

30-31: FlyHigh OZ/NZ.

Hopefully, I can update stories with my beloved sahabat in these programs, insyaAllah!

Sad to say, I'm still searching for some dates to sleep at Umi's, meet my friends in UITM Shah Alam and visit my teachers in SAB. Looked like I don't have a suitable ones before I'm going back on 10th Feb!

But, but, but (Na'udhubillah.. May Allah make this easier for me) if I can't meet you guys, InsyaAllah, quoting someone : Jauh di mata, dekat di hati kan? :)

By the way, while waiting for the trains and standing in it before I reach my destination, I try to be a bookworm like I used to be. Proud to say (haha), I'm currently reading: Life is an open secret you, me and we by Sis Zabrina. Really enjoy it. Must read ey! 24.50RM only :D


Anonymous said...

I am proud of you =)

Orchid Lah said...

Miss you laaa cik fairuz :-*

'Iffah Ilham Khalilah Ramlee said...

wow..ur reading sis zabrina's book!! i wanted to buy it but didn't seem to have d share the stories ;)

Anonymous said...

moga kita sentiasa disibukkan dengan kebaikan2..
kerana hati ini, kalau x disibukkan dengan kebaikan, maka ia akan dipenuhi dengan perkara yang lagha..

tapi takut juga, kalau2 rupa2nya kesibukan2 kita hanyalah sia2 di mataNya..tiada nilai, meskipun kita bersusah payah kerananya..

Moga Allah merahmati k.fai!

Anonymous said...

i have a book and currently reading ' life is a game, these are the stories' by cherie carter-scott. a very nice n inspired book :)