Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New life has come :)

Fuhh. It has been a long week since I came back from Malaysia.

From Malaysia to Auckland wasn't very nice. Ain and Hafezz were complaining about the foods in the flight. They think the foods when we went back to Malaysia were much better. Hmm.. I have a long story to be told about the journey back to Palmy but really, here's not the place. Maybe I'm not in a mood to post a long entry.

Here in a new house with 6 other new housemates and friends. Taiwanese, Chinese (from China), Malawian, Korean and Hafza, Pakistanian and also my previous housemate, which make me feel much more better. I was a bit bored before since they were very new to me and I didn't have anyone to talk to. Many challenges living here since they have different religion, customs and culture but insyaALlah like what my dad said to me last night, I have to be confident that Allah will always help me and be with me. And, to mix around is one of the reasons why Mara spends a lot sending me here, right? So, I took the challenge and pray that Allah guides me to be on a right path.

Since my rent is much cheaper, I hope I can continuously save money then I can travel to Melbourne and Fiji. Ameen :)


anis shafikah said...

fairuz,story nanti okay :D

huserkbaiikgiler hahahah said...

bagus bagus bagus! optimistic n positive. that's what we want! go go

Dalila Husni said...

nanti datang melbourne okay? tidur rumah kite :)